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Department of Mathematics

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
D-76128 Karlsruhe
Tel.: +49 721 608-43800



Nr. 15-02Ulrich Kulisch: Up-to-date Interval Arithmetic from Closed Intervals to Connected Sets of Real Numbers
Nr. 15-01Tilo Arens, Thomas Rösch: A Collocation Method for Integral Equations with Super-Algebraic Convergence Rate


Nr. 14-04Robert Winkler, Andreas Rieder: Model-Aware Newton-Type Inversion Scheme for Electrical Impedance Tomography
Nr. 14-03Fabio Margotti, Andreas Rieder: An Inexact Newton Regularization in Banach Spaces based on the Nonstationary Iterated Tikhonov Method
Nr. 14-02Andreas Kirsch, Andreas Rieder: Seismic Tomography is Locally Ill-Posed
Nr. 14-01Robert Winkler, Andreas Rieder: Resolution-Controlled Conductivity Discretization in Electrical Impedance Tomography


Nr. 13-03Andreas Kirsch, Andreas Rieder: On the Linearization of Operators Related to the Full Waveform Inversion in Seismology
Nr. 13-02Fabio Margotti, Andreas Rieder, Antonio Leitao: A Kaczmarz Version of the REGINN-Landweber Iteration for Ill-Posed Problems in Banach Spaces
Nr. 13-01Willy Dörfler, Stefan Findeisen: Numerical Optimization of a Waveguide Transition Using Finite Element Beam Propagation


Nr. 12-10Mike A. Botchev, Volker Grimm, Marlis Hochbruck: Residual, Restarting and Richardson Iteration for the Matrix Exponential
Nr. 12-09Andreas Arnold, Tobias Jahnke: On the approximation of high-dimensional differential equations in the hierarchical Tucker format
Nr. 12-08Haojun Li, Kirankumar Hiremath, Andreas Rieder, Wolfgang Freude: Adaptive Wavelet Collocation Method for Simulation of Time Dependent Maxwell's Equations
Nr. 12-07Tobias Jahnke, Michael Kreim: Error bound for piecewise deterministic processes modeling stochastic reaction systems
Nr. 12-06Tim Kreutzmann, Andreas Rieder: Geometric Reconstruction in Bioluminescence Tomography
Nr. 12-05David Cohen, Stig Larsson, Magdalena Sigg: A Trigonometric Method for the Linear Stochastic Wave Equation
Nr. 12-04Markus Bürg: Convergence of an Automatic hp-Adapative Finite Elemet Strategy for Maxwell's Equations
Nr. 12-03Thomas Schuster, Andreas Rieder, Frank Schöpfer: The Approximate Inverse in Action IV: Semi-Discrete Equations in a Banach Space Setting
Nr. 12-02Christian Wieners, Jiping Xin: Boundary Element Approximation for Maxwell's Eigenvalue Problem
Nr. 12-01Branimir Anic, Christopher A. Beattie, Serkan Gugercin, Athanasios C. Antoulas: Interpolatory Weighted-H2 Model Reduction


Nr. 11/05Markus Bürg: An hp-Efficient Residual-Based A Posteriori Error Estimator for Maxwell's Equatioans
Nr. 11/04B.D. Reddy, Christian Wieners, Barbara Wohlmuth: Finite Element Analysis and Algorithms for Single-Crystal Strain-Gradient Plasticity
Nr. 11/03Martin Sauter, Christian Wieners: On the superlinear convergence in computational elasto-plasticity
Nr. 11/02Tobias Jahnke: On Reduced Models For The Chemical Master Equation
Nr. 11/01Tobias Jahnke, Derya Altintan: Efficient simulation of discrete reaction systems with a splitting method


Nr. 10/08Marlis Hochbruck, Alexander Ostermann: Exponential integrators (Acta Numerica, vol. 19, pp. 209-286; © Cambridge University Press, 2010)
Nr. 10/07Eric Todd Quinto, Andreas Rieder, Thomas Schuster: Local Inversion Of The Sonar Transform Regularized By The Approximate Inverse
Nr. 10/06Markus Bürg, Willy Dörfler: Convergence of an adaptive hp finite element strategy in higher space-dimensions
Nr. 10/05Christian Wieners, Barbara Wohlmuth: A primal-dual finite element approximation for a nonlocal model in plasticity
Nr. 10/04Tobias Jahnke, Tudor Udrescu: Solving chemical master equations by adaptive wavelet compression
Nr. 10/03Christof Schütte,Tobias Jahnke: Towards Effective Dynamics in Complex Systems by Markov Kernel Approximation
Nr. 10/02Tobias Jahnke: An Adaptive Wavelet Method for The Chemical Master Equation
Nr. 10/01Ulrich Kulisch, Van Snyder: The Exact Dot as Basic Tool for Long Interval Arithmetic


Nr. 09/04Arne Schneck: Constrained Hardy Space Approximation II: Numerics
Nr. 09/03Arne Schneck: Constrained Hardy Space Approximation
Nr. 09/02Christian Wieners: A geometric data structure for parallel finite elements and the application to multigrid methods with block smoothing
Nr. 09/01Armin Lechleiter, Andreas Rieder: Towards A General Convergence Theory For Inexact Newton Regularizations


Nr. 08/12Tomas Dohnal, Hannes Uecker: Coupled Mode Equations and Gap Solitons for the 2D Gross-Pitaevskii equation with a non-separable periodic potential
Nr. 08/11Götz Alefeld, Zhengyu Wang: Error bounds for complementarity problems with tridiagonal nonlinear functions
Nr. 08/10Götz Alefeld: Verified Numerical Computation for Nonlinear Equations
Nr. 08/09Tomas Dohnal, Michael Plum, Wolfgang Reichel: Localized Modes of the Linear Periodic Schrödinger Operator with a Nonlocal Perturbation
Nr. 08/08Ulrich Kulisch: Begegnungen eines Mathematikers mit Informatik
Nr. 08/07Jan Mayer: Parallel Algorithms for Solving Linear Systems with Sparse Triangular Matrices
Nr. 08/06Vincent Heuveline, Peter Wittwer: Adaptive boundary conditions for exterior stationary flows in three dimensions
Nr. 08/05Vu Hoang, Michael Plum, Christian Wieners: A computer-assisted proof for photonic band gaps
Nr. 08/04Armin Lechleiter, Andreas Rieder: Newton Regularizations For Impedance Tomography: Covergence By Local Injectivity
Nr. 08/03Ulrich Kulisch: Complete Interval Arithmetic and its Implementation on the Computer
Nr. 08/02Götz Alefeld, Zhengyu Wang: Error Estimation for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems via Linear Systems with Interval Data
Nr. 08/01Patrizio Neff, Antje Sydow, Christian Wieners: Numerical approximation of incremental infinitesimal gradient plasticity


Nr. 07/10Marco Schnurr: A Second-Order Pruning Step for Verified Global Optimization
Nr. 07/09Marco Schnurr: The Automatic Computation of Second-Order Slope Tuples for Some Nonsmooth Functions
Nr. 07/08Marco Schnurr: Computing Slope Enclosures by Exploiting a Unique Point of Inflection
Nr. 07/07Götz Alefeld, Günter Mayer: New criteria for the feasibility of the Cholesky method with interval data
Nr. 07/06Vincent Heuveline, Frank Strauss: Shape optimization towards stability in constrained hydrodynamic systems
Nr. 07/05Jan Mayer: A Numerical Evaluation of Preprocessing and ILU-type Preconditioners for the Solution of Unsymmetric Sparse Linear Systems Using Iterative Methods
Nr. 07/04Martin Sauter, Christian Wieners: Robust estimates for the approximation of the dynamic consolidation problem
Nr. 07/03Vincent Heuveline, Jan-Philipp Weiß: A Parallel Implementation of a Lattice Boltzmann Method on the Clearspeed Advance Accelerator Board
Nr. 07/02Jan Lellmann, Jonathan Balzer, Andreas Rieder, Jürgen Beyerer: Shape from Specular Reflection and Optical Flow
Nr. 07/01Armin Lechleiter, Andreas Rieder: A Convergenze of the Newton-Type Regularization CG-Reginn with Application to Impedence Tomography


Nr. 06/01Willy Dörfler, Vincent Heuveline: Convergence of an adaptive hp finite element strategy in one dimension
Nr. 06/02Vincent Heuveline, Hoang Nam-Dung: On two Numerical Approaches for the Boundary Control Stabilization of Semi-linear Parabolic Systems: A Comparison
Nr. 06/03Andreas Rieder, Armin Lechleiter: Newton Regularizations for Impedance Tomography: A Numerical Study
Nr. 06/04Götz Alefeld, Xiaojun Chen: A Regulized Projection Method for Complementarity Problems with Non-Lipschitzian Functions
Nr. 06/05Ulrich Kulisch: Letters to the IEEE Computer Arithmetic Standards Revision Group
Nr. 06/06Frank Strauss, Vincent Heuveline, Ben Schweizer: Existence and approximation results for shape optimization problems in rotordynamics
Nr. 06/07Kai Sandfort, Joachim Ohser: Labeling of n-dimensional images with choosable adjacency of the pixels
Nr. 06/08Jan Mayer: Symmetric Permutations for I-matrices to Delay and avoid Small Pivots during Factorization
Nr. 06/09Andreas Rieder, Arne Schneck: Optimality of the fully discrete filtered Backprojection Algorithm for Tomographic Inversion
Nr. 06/10Patrizio Neff, Krzysztof Chelminski, Wolfgang Müller, Christian Wieners: A numerical solution method for an inifinitesimal elasto-plastic Cosserat model
Nr. 06/11Christian Wieners: Nonlinear solution methods for infinitesimal perfect plasticity


Nr. 05/01Götz Alefeld, Zhengyu Wang: Verification of Solutions for Almost Linear Complementarity Problems
Nr. 05/02Vincent Heuveline, Friedhelm Schieweck: Constrained H1-interpolation on quadrilateral and hexadral meshes with hanging nodes
Nr. 05/03Michael Plum, Christian Wieners: Enclosures for variational inequalities
Nr. 05/04Jan Mayer: ILUCDP: A Crout ILU Preconditioner with Pivoting and Row Permutation
Nr. 05/05Reinhard Kirchner, Ulrich Kulisch: Hardware Support for Interval Arithmetic
Nr. 05/06Jan Mayer: ILUCDP: A Multilevel Crout ILU Preconditioner with Pivoting and Row Permutation


Nr. 04/01Andreas Rieder: Inexact Newton Regularizations Using Conjugate Gradients as Inner Iteration
Nr. 04/02Jan Mayer: The ILUCP preconditioner
Nr. 04/03Andreas Rieder: Runge-Kutta Integrators Yield Optimal Regularizations Schemes
Nr. 04/04Vincent Heuveline: Adaptive Finite Elements for the Steady Free Fall of a Body in a Newtonian Fluid


Nr. 03/01Giuseppe Alì, Andreas Bartel, Michael Günther: Analysis of Coupled Systems in Chip Design
Nr. 03/02Andreas Bartel, Michael Günther, Martin Schulz: Modeling and Discretization of a Thermal-Electric Test Circuit
Nr. 03/03Uwe Schäfer: A Linear Complementary Problem with a P-matrix
Nr. 03/04Norbert Paul, Patrick Erik Bradley: Topological Houses
Nr. 03/05Jan Mayer: A Weighted Dropping Strategy for ILUTP


Nr. 02/01 Meike Schaub, Bernd Simeon: Blended Lobatto Methods in Multibody Dynamics
Nr. 02/02 Uwe Schäfer: Two Ways to Extend the Cholesky Decomposition to Block Matrices with Interval Entries
Nr. 02/03 Michael Günther, Bernd Simeon: Wissenschaftliches Rechnen am Beispiel technischer Netzwerke
Nr. 02/04 Roland Pulch: A finite Difference Method for Solving Multirate Partial Differential Algebraic Equations
Nr. 02/05 G. Alì, A. Bartel, M. Günther, C. Tischendorf: Elliptic Partial Differential-Algebraic Multiphysics Models in Electrical Network Design
Nr. 02/06 Andreas Rieder, Adel Faridani: The Semi-Discrete Filtered Backprojection Algorithm is Optimal for Tomographic Inversion
Nr. 02/07 Gerd Steinbach, Silke Rademacher, Peter Rentrop, Martin Schulz: Mechanism of Coupling in River Flow Simulation Systems
Nr. 02/08 Roland Pulch: A Parallel Finite Difference Algorithm for Multirate Partial Differential Algebraic Equations
Nr. 02/09Roland Pulch: Numerical Techniques for Solving Multirate Partial Differential Algebraic Equations
Nr. 02/10 Andreas Bartel, Michael Günther: Multirate Co-Simulation of First Order Thermal Models in Electric Circuit Design
Nr. 02/11Michael Günther: Dynamic Iteration May fail for Partitioned Network Simulation
Nr. 02/12Uwe Schäfer: Aspects for a Block Version of the Interval Cholesky Algorithm
Nr. 02/13Götz Alefeld, Uwe Schäfer: Iterative Methods for Linear Complementarity Problems with the Interval Data
Nr. 02/14Andreas Bartel, Michael Günther: From SOI to Abstract Electric Thermal-1D Multiscale Modeling for first Order Thermal Effects
Nr. 02/15Andreas Rieder, Thomas Schuster: The Approximate Inverse in Action III: 3D-Doppler Tomography
Nr. 02/16Martin Schulz: Cache Oriented Implementation for Numerical Codes